so i subscribed to this philosophy podcast on itunes

so when they cover any topics i’m studying i can listen to the episodes to make everything easier to digest and make doing the reading easier

and i have less than 5 hours to submit this essay on moral responsibility

and they put up a short episode summarising an article relevant to my essay

making my life x916473169618 easier

i’m so happy

my brain hurts

so much

and i’ve had maybe 7 hours of sleep in total the last two nights

and i’m hungry

and have a busy day

but at least i only have 400~ words left

referencing it is gonna be such a bitch tho fml

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do you ever just look at someone’s interpretation of a character and want to gently put your hands on their shoulders, look them kindly in the eyes and say you got it all wrong

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So i wasmt planning on going out tonight but jess talked me into it abd i wushed i hadnt bc i see alex for tge first time in 5 weeks and realise i do still kinda like him but he says hi and runs away

Rhen later he talks to me but mostly ny friends as though nothing happened at the dnd of last term

At leadt his friend apologused fir some of the things he said wgile drunk and said he didnt mean it blah nblah while it was just tge two of us

Meanwhike alex acts like we’re “friends” and there’s no problem at all

Oh and t heb he’s pulling somd girl approximateky 10 feey away from me

Don’t get me wrong - he can get with whoever he wants but don’t give me this bullshit about me being important to him ad s friend blah blah and then he knowingly pulls in frknt if me

Literallt ruined my night

Need Tuesday to be solid ugh


Still trying to figure out how I’m going to persuade my uni that I’m not making excuses and I’m actually struggling, so that they don’t kick me out for not turning up to anything and missing assessed work.

idk what your reason is but i was going through a lot of personal problems in march and my uni have a procedure they follow for things like this where if it’s an issue where you can’t provide physical evidence like a letter from a doctor or hospital or whatever, they get you to speak to a counseller or something, who then writes a letter to support your claim. i got a 6 week extension for a single essay after requesting “at least a week’s extension”

so it might be worth looking into to find out what they can do for you :)

revstait replied to your post “revstait replied to your post “ugh so i slept with this guy and then…”

you know that’d be so worth it, don’t even lie :P

hahaha i think i’d struggle to walk considerably

but we’ll see ;)

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dwayne johnson, paper, scissors

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