Still trying to figure out how I’m going to persuade my uni that I’m not making excuses and I’m actually struggling, so that they don’t kick me out for not turning up to anything and missing assessed work.

idk what your reason is but i was going through a lot of personal problems in march and my uni have a procedure they follow for things like this where if it’s an issue where you can’t provide physical evidence like a letter from a doctor or hospital or whatever, they get you to speak to a counseller or something, who then writes a letter to support your claim. i got a 6 week extension for a single essay after requesting “at least a week’s extension”

so it might be worth looking into to find out what they can do for you :)

revstait replied to your post “revstait replied to your post “ugh so i slept with this guy and then…”

you know that’d be so worth it, don’t even lie :P

hahaha i think i’d struggle to walk considerably

but we’ll see ;)


dwayne johnson, paper, scissors

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revstait replied to your post “ugh so i slept with this guy and then he started seeing a girl a few…”

bang him till the sun dont shine, matee

that would mean approximately 17 hours of banging


ugh so i slept with this guy

and then he started seeing a girl a few days later

and we were friends

and we’re still friends

then a few weeks ago he started talking to me more (like rather than just when i see him out and around and stuff)

but now he’s like yo i’ve been single for about 3 weeks wanna bang



i kinda hate him but at the same time i dont and hes just so attractive idek what to do

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if you can pull off a beanie you can pull off my pants

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So I’ve been in Saudi Arabia for a week. I’ll be here for another week. Here with my parents and uncle on a religious trip, which is awks because I’m not religious anymore but they don’t know…

Came to Madina today. There’s a guy who looks like Fabio Borini in our hotel help

Mecca was decent. City itself is pretty… underdeveloped.

But the mosque and surrounding hotels etc. look amazing srsly. The buildings are just sfuhdagubfactbj

Anyway, our hotel in Madina has decent wifi yayayayayayay

On day 2 in Mecca, there was a guy who was basically scouting for a wife for his son doing a Masters in East London hahaha. So awks. The way he got more attentive when I said I’m from England hahaha.

Oh and day 3… wow. Some shopkeeper felt me up while my mom wasn’t looking. When my dad heard, he was ready to kill him. Instead, we reported the guy. Bet he wasn’t expecting 6 men to turn up at his shop. Then 3 “fat, rich, powerful Arabs” (as we like to call them - i cant remember what they’re actually called) got involved and offered to throw him in jail and then deport him (he’s from Yemen). The look on the guy’s face… hahahahaha. Brilliant. Sexual harrassment in Saudi Arabia: not on.

Went up a mountain yesterday. Saw a monkey there too. It was around 34°C. Yep.

Aaaanyway. Battery’s gonna die. In a bit~

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